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About Chinese Model

Chinese Model Trains website began in the year 2000 when there were only a couple of models on the market and a very niche hobby. Since then, the hobby has exploded with hundreds of prototypes from dozens of manufacturers over most scales, although still predominantly in HO scale. 

Goals of Chinese Model

Chinese Model was created and developed to do the following: 

  • Provide a complete and historical archive of all known Chinese prototype model railway products

  • Act as a resource center with model reviews and information to help people to make an informed decision in which products to purchase​

  • Encourage the industry to grow and build a community of Chinese model railroaders

Website News & Updates

06 October 2021 - Hi all, the migration to the new server and site has progressed faster than anticipated. This has caught me off guard and as such, the individual model reviews are still to be moved across, although the main encyclopedia is working. Please bear with me during this process. New features such as workshop and classifieds will be online before too long and I'm also hoping to establish video reviews shortly. All this will have to wait until the model reviews are up and running.


This site will be focusing on Chinese prototype model railways only, for those who enjoyed my trip reports and photography of the real Chinese trains, you can visit sister site here : (photography only with trip reports to follow in due course) . Best wishes - PH

Copyright and Disclaimer

All content including images, photographs, videos and text are copyright © protected. Rights to content may be applied for in writing. 

All information is written from a personal perspective. No content represents official opinion from the Chinese government, or its agencies or from private companies/corporations.

In regards to Chinese Model railways; all photographs are taken by myself or are used with permission from individuals, companies or corporations as noted.

Any information and/or advice given on the modeling pages are written from personal experiences of myself or other individuals. I will accept no responsibility or liability for the damage or loss of any models arising from said information/advice given on this website.

How to Help Chinese Model

Information is gladly received to help build and maintain the Model Encyclopedia. Please forward information via the contact form here

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About the Author

My name is Peter Haworth and I live in the state of Victoria in Australia where I work as a train driver. I have active interests in photography, travelling, model building, aviation and railways (specifically Chinese). I have been travelling to China since 1999 to photograph their dying steam locomotives, and more recently, it's equally threatened industrial, local and narrow gauge railways with diesel and electric traction. 

I have a second website where you can find some examples of my photographs from China here : Peter Haworth's China and also a YouTube channel where many of the railway videos from my adventures end up here : Pete's World Railway Videos

I have been interested in model railways since a child and at 16 began my first collection of USA prototype models in N scale, specifically of the Union Pacific​. Three years later in Hong Kong after my first trip to China to see the world famous steam powered Ji-Tong railway, I spotted a HO scale model of a DF11 diesel locomotive by Bachmann China in a small shop window and bought it as a souvenir. Some months passed before I got word that Bachmann was to produce HO scale QJ steam locomotives, which prompted me to sell my entire N scale collection in order to fund my new found hobby.