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1:87 Scale



Courier Trike

TC Hobby

Prototype Information

Hundreds of thousands of small electric and petrol powered trike courier vans keep the gigantic network of domestic and international freight moving around the country. There are so many different makes of these small vehicles it is well beyond my scope of which exact model they are based on, however these machines are a very common site all over China in the big cities as well as smaller villages.


General Information

TC Hobby's first run of HO scale vehicles are these resin three-wheel courier trikes. Three versions have been made. 



The models come in a two piece clear Perspex box with a cardboard filler decorated into a street scene. The model sits on the base which is coated in an adhesive and a piece of clear plastic further secures it in place. There is a small piece of foam packing material to assist in protecting the models, however this hasn't seemed to help a number of mine arriving with smashed mirrors. The adhesive on the base is also strong enough to remove pain off the bottom of the tires! 



The overall detail is fairly good with considering they are a solid piece with no added on details (asides from the figure). They are made out of resin although I'm uncertain whether cast or 3D printed (I would guess the latter). As mentioned in the above, they have extraordinarily fragile mirrors so one should exercise caution when handling. 


The models are hand painted and it doesn't look too bad, although there are places with paint over runs in certain places. The cargo pod design appears to be pad printed and look quite good, the blue version's looks a little bit thin however. There is quite a bit of individually painted parts such as the control handles, headlight, indicators, mirror glass, suspension and under carriage and given their minute size, at just over an inch in length, the small imperfections will most likely go unnoticed. The figures are painted in their respective corporate uniforms and are done very nicely. 

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