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1:87 Scale



Toyota J100 Landcruiser

Micro City

Prototype Information

The J100 Landcruiser was introduced by Toyota from 1998 with production lasting until 2007. They were popular all over the world in both military and civilian applications. A number made it to China and used in the various police forces throughout the country.


General Information

New company Micro City (possibly related to TC Hobby) have produced a number of vehicles over the past couple of years, many of which will fit right at home on Chinese layouts. The cars are mostly made up of plastic pieces asides from the metal axles and rubber tyres. Seven versions have been made, three with different branches of the Chinese Police Force and four civilian versions. Many examples of the J100 that were sent to China had a crimson and gold pattern as part of the color scheme and Micro City have made these particular versions only. The original retail price is/was 90 - 99CNY each. 



Micro City cars are sold in a thin folded plastic box. The car sits on a cardboard platform and supported by a separate plastic piece with an indent the shape of the car. 



The car bodies are made from ABS plastic. Most external details are molded into the main shell including roof rails, side mirrors, front grille, etc. Door gaps are acceptable and the overall appearance is very good. The paint work is done to a very high standard, although extremely glossy. Most of the labels appear to be transfers. They are very sharp, however under certain light it is possible to see the edges of the transfer. The number plate details are superb, and the police versions have unique number plates to each other. Other painted detail is very nicely done, such as the Toyota emblem, grille detail, badges, door handles, side indicators and even the silver mirror glass.  


'Glass' parts include the front headlights and tail lights as well as the window glass, which is a single piece. Some details are painted on the glass, such as window partitions, and windshield wipers. The heating element on the rear window looks very good. Most other places where there should be glass, such as indicators, mirror glass, center-rear brake light and fog lights are simply painted on. Police versions also have the red/blue roof mounted lights.  


The side mirrors are attached as delivered, but these are incredibly fragile. Great care should be taken while removing them from the box as the flaps are just begging to slap the mirrors as its being removed. 


The under carriage is fairly well detailed. This includes the side running boards and spare tyre. Tyres are rubber and have realistic tread. The alloy wheels are plastic parts and look superb. The cars have a full interior which looks nice with all seven seats. There even appears to be leg room possibly to add some people. This can be accessed via the two small screws on the undercarriage. The interior is a one piece plastic mold in beige color. 

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