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中国火车模型 Chinese Model Trains -  Contact

Contact Information

Messages and feedback are gladly received and will be replied to as soon as time allows.

Please note, I do not act as a retailer for models, have any commercial links to model railway companies or provide quotes for custom work. Due to severe time restraints, I may not reply to these types of emails. You can find a list of retailers in the "Links & Resources" section of the website. From time to time I may offer some models from my personal collection for sale in the Classified section of the website.


If you have a question about how to fix, modify or ask for a recommendation, I may use the question in a short video to be put on the Facebook group and/or workshop section of this website. Please mention if you wish to remain anonymous or do not wish this to occur. 

Your message has been sent and will be replied to as soon as possible

Facebook has it's own Facebook group where you can meet new friends and discuss anything Chinese railway related. I would like to begin video tutorials on this group (which will all be available in the workshop section of the website), so that is a good place to ask questions. 

Find the Facebook group here -

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