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VW Jetta

1:87 Scale



Volkswagen Jetta

Micro City

Prototype Information

The Volkswagen Jetta, actually known as the Volkswagen Jetta Mk2 or King, was a very popular car in China from 1991. It is actually produced by Volkswagen-FAW and is a design bastardised between a Volkswagen Jetta and the Volkswagen Passat. They proved to be very popular within the private and government markets. The Jetta Mk2's can still be found around China, but are disappearing at a very rapid rate. Production lasted until 1997 until the new model was ushered in.


General Information

Micro City have released a few versions of the Volkswagen Jetta, including these civilian types. There are five different colours available, but are otherwise identical to each other. They are mostly made from ABS plastic.  



Micro City cars are sold in a thin folded plastic box. The car sits on a cardboard platform and supported by a separate plastic piece with an indent the shape of the car. 



The car bodies are made from ABS plastic. Most external details are molded into the main shell including side mirrors, front grille, etc. Door gaps are acceptable and the overall appearance is very good. The paint work is done to a very high standard with a high gloss finish. The silver version is the only one to wear metallic paint. Rather than number plates, they have display plates instead. Other painted details are very nicely done, such as the VW emblem, grille detail, badges, door handles and the silver mirror glass.  


'Glass' parts include the front headlights and tail lights as well as the window glass, which is a single piece. Some details are painted on the glass, such as window/lens partitions, and windshield wipers. Most other places where there should be glass, such as indicators, mirror glass and fog lights are simply painted on. 


The side mirrors are attached as delivered, but these are incredibly fragile. Great care should be taken while removing them from the box as the flaps are just begging to slap the mirrors as its being removed. 


The under carriage is fairly well detailed. Tyres are rubber and have realistic tread. The alloy wheels are plastic parts and look superb. The cars have a full interior which looks nice with five seats. There even appears to be leg room possibly to add some people. The interior is a one piece plastic mold in black color. Interior walls are blank (white) with no detail which looks a little odd, as the color of the interior panels would be black. The car interior can be accessed via the two small screws on the undercarriage.  

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