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中国火车模型 Chinese Model Trains -  Model Projects


(Click on the image to explore each layout further)

Layout 1 - Bailong : 2006 - 2011

The Bailong railway was my first attempt at building a Chinese layout that taught me everything there was on how not to build a layout! Without very much planning, some baseboards using chipboard surfaces were used, supported by timber A-frames. The external dimensions were approximately 6 meters x 1.2 meters at it's widest point. It was based on a fictional area in the north east of the country. 


Layout 2 - Wangkui : 2006 - 2011


Layout 3 - Anda : 2017 -


Wangkui was my second layout, taking nearly four years to construct before sadly being disassembled in late 2010 due to the sale of the house. This was a huge undertaking with a size of 24' x 12 feet and over 250 meters of track. This was a fictitious layout based in Heilongjiang province consisting of the cities of Wangkui, Anda, Daqing & Suihua. The layout was far from finished, however the whole process of building it with my friend Peter was very valuable and thoroughly enjoying.                                          

Anda is my third and current layout. It is currently built in modules of 1.2m x 0.8m modules. Once we move house again in the near future, I will incorporate it into a much larger system. At present, I have a fairly paultry 4.8 meters in length, however this means I can focus on smaller areas and hopefully actually complete these sections! I am using this space for a local coal railway with space to add a main line later on. I am aiming to run full night operations. 

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