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1:87 Scale



Chinese Figures

ChangMing Model Train Studios

Production Summary

Prototype Information

China is the largest country by population on the planet with almost 1.5 billion souls. The railway system also carries more passengers and more freight than any other country.


You're going to need people for your layout! 


General Information

ChangMing Model Train Studios started producing HO scale figures for Chinese layouts in the beginning of 2022. The series has become incredibly popular and in a short time they have produced a massive amount of Chinese figures from rail workers, police, farmers, vendors and passengers. ChangMing say they are ABS plastic, however some (at least) are resin, which I discovered when one unit arrived cracked and had uncured resin oozing out! 'A' series are typically those with one or two figures and 'B' sets are usually sold with 4 or more figures. There is also a 'C' Series, which is reserved solely for accessories only - to date, only one has been produced. Prices vary greatly and single figures cost between $3USD and $8USD each and a full set can run upwards of $30USD. These figures are of course by no means cheap, however those who strive for perfection will find them to be the best ready made extreme detailed figures available.  


ChangMing's figures are sold in small plastic cases that lock with a small clip. Typically each figure is individually packed in a small resealable baggy and accessories likewise are also packaged this way. Lately some figures have been arriving in foam blocks with small sections cut away in place of the resealable bags. Each set has a sticky label on the underside with the product number.  


All ChangMing figures are handpainted and incredibly well detailed. Many sets are sold with accessories, such as food, tools, equipment, fishing poles etc just to name a few, which are to be applied by the owner.


Catalogue Photos

I have a number of these figures, however for completeness and to save my sanity this section will show catalogue photos from ChangMing. The product numbers are shown on each set for easy reference. 

Releases up to 30 Jan 2023


February 2023 Releases


March 2023 Releases


April 2023 Releases

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