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中国火车模型 Chinese Model Trains -  Links & Resources

Online Retailers

eBay - Rinlam Model Train Shop

Stephen Lam operates a large eBay operation and stocks a huge amount of Chinese models. Hong Kong based.

eBay - trustdeal-for-you

Modeleisenbahn-for-you / Trustdeal-for you is operated by Peter Lim. Peter stocks a good amount of Chinese models, many of which may not be listed on his eBay shop. Hong Kong based.

the hobby sensei

A new online retailer offering a range of Chinese HO scale model railways based in the United States with good prices.

Chinese Model Railway Retailers

EZ Transcom

One of the major retailers in Hong Kong of Chinese model trains. Kevin Law has a shop front as well as an online store.

Lee Kwon Hobby Company

Retailer with shopfront and internet sales based in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Concorde Hobby Shop

Shop front Hong Kong (Kowloon) retailer with large model railway section.

Hattons Model Railways

UK based retailer with a small (and diminishing) stock of Chinese models.

Chinese Model Manufacturers

Bachmann China

Large manufacturer of HO scale Chinese model trains - Chinese language only

CMR Line

A rapidly expanding manufacturer of Chinese model trains

Eisenbahn Canada

Importer and trader of high quality models, including a line of Chinese models

Imon Co

Japanese importer of brass trains, including some in Chinese outline - Japanese language only


Large manufacturer of Chinese model railway products

Chinese Railway Reference websites


A website hosted by Michael Reilly with the most recent news and reports from visitors to China chasing the country's last steam locomotives.


An excellent website by Duncan Cotterill. Although the site includes content from other country's, the Chinese sections are very well done. Of special note are the locomotive class profiles and steam locomotive number lists.


Site filled with content by various contributors. Membership is required from a current member (I am unable to assist with this at the current time). - Chinese language only


A website with a huge amount of information of steam, diesel & electric locomotives as well as passenger and freight vehicles.

Steam and the Dragon

Photo gallery website by Brian Hawkins with a staggering amount of photographs of Chinese steam covering many years and train types.

Peter Haworth's China

My new site dedicated to my travels to China. Only contains some of my photography, trip reports will follow soon.

Modelling resources

YouTube Channel - 

The YouTube channel for this page which will grow over time with new content. If you have a question to ask about a Chinese model, I will try and cover it with a short video here.

YouTube Channel - Boulder Creek Railroad 

Luke Towan's YouTube channel is the best I have found to date on building models and dioramas. Much of his content is modelled off Australian Railways, however the techinques he shows are invaluable.

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