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Bachmann China


1:87 Scale



YZ25G Class Hard Seater Car  

Prototype Information

The 25G series passenger cars are the most common type of passenger car found on long distance passenger trains in China today, having displaced the old 22 series long ago. They are air-conditioned and rated for up to 140kph (often 120kph depending on the bogies) and used on "Kuai" or "fast" passenger trains. The hard seat variant typically carries 118 seated passengers in a 2+3 seating arrangement. Despite the 'hard seat' name, the 25G's are quite comfortable with thick padded seats in club arrangement with a small table under the window. 


General Information

Bachmann have based their version of the YZ25G's on the type with the large plug type end doors, which extend below the car floor. The body is a single piece cast with a roof that is clipped on. The frame is also clipped to the body with the one piece blue interior sitting inside that. One thing to note, these cars are quite long, so track clearances may need to be considered.



Packaging is a thin cardboard carton with display window with the typical foldable plastic clamshell, lined with foam pieces to protect the model. Inside the box is the warranty information, schematics and QC label. 


Bachmann's cars are fairly well detailed. The paint work is nicely applied and lettering and lining is very sharp. The roof mounted air conditioner detailing is very nice, with various manufacturer details depending on which variant you own. The under carriage is well detailed. The wheels are also equipped with axle mounted disc brakes. Windows are glued to the interior walls and sit flush with the exterior walls. A nice touch is the frosted toilet windows.


Interior is a one piece casting in dark blue, with quite good detail. It is easy to see the individual seat patterns and all tables are present and correct. Disassembly is a bit of a bugger however, so further detailing/adding passengers can be a very time consuming task - you will probably need to glue the windows back into place after disassembling it! Bogies are quite good, although I would prefer them to be grey color which would mate up nicer with Bachmann's later released YW (hard sleeper) cars. Bachmann have however made two different bogie styles - see image below.


Paint work is extremely good with some of the sharpest details on anything Bachmann has produced. If I had to critique it, some of the red paint is noticeably thicker than the grey paint, but you would need to really look under the right light to notice. The paint work is also very glossy, something the individual will either love or hate.



The cars roll very well and have a good weight. The only performance flaw, an unusual anomaly for Bachmann China products, is the coupler system; see "coupler Conversion" information below.



Untested. All my examples are versions with out interior lighting.


The YZ25G's come equipped with Bachmann EZmate knuckle couplers which work OK, they leave unacceptably large gaps between cars. Bachmann have provided and alternative with the semi-permanent drawbar system. While this addressed the gap issue, unless one is operating a layout with track radii the same as Pluto's orbit around the Sun, a coupler conversion on these cars is essential. The penalty for using the drawbars are frequent derailments which can end up causing damage to other rolling stock.


I have tried the Kadee couplers, but the derailing issue still wasn't cured to an acceptable level, however I have discovered they run perfectly with the Fleischmann 6515's and the gap is very close. I have not tried any other coupler systems and I don't intend to as I'm happy running Kadee scale head couplers on all my locomotives and freight cars and the Fleishmann's on my passenger stock (with a Kadee on the end of each rake for locomotive/aesthetic purposes), however if you find something else that works well, I would be happy to include it here. Prior to purchasing these cars, I was quite happy with the drawbar system (although fiddly), however since these YZ25G's made it on to my layout, couplers are mandatorily changed to Fleishmann's. (note : photos in this review show the carriage fitted with Fleischmann 6515's)

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