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Bachmann China


1:87 Scale



YW25K Class Hard Sleeper Car  

Prototype Information

The 25K class passenger cars are a further development of the 25 series of passenger cars. The hard sleeper variants have a typical capacity of 66 passengers spread over 11 open berths with toilets and washrooms at the end of each end of the car. 25K rolling stock is easily distinguished (in most cases) by their attractive white, blue & red livery, although since early 2015, it seems the class is undergoing a rapid repainting program to the classic green & gold livery. They are rated to 160kph and typically operate on T (fast express) type trains, however they are becoming less common as T trains are replaced by the ever growing CRH high speed network.


General Information

The second addition to the 25K class cars were these hard sleeper variants. Ten versions were made available over a broad range of bureaus and all in the same good looking white, blue and red livery. Roof and chassis clip onto the one piece body shell. 



Packaging is a thin cardboard carton with display window with the typical foldable plastic clamshell, lined with foam pieces to protect the model. Inside the box is the warranty information, schematics, QC label and detail parts to be added by the owner. 


Paint work is superb in very respect. Colors are spot on, edges are razor sharp and lettering is as good as can be. Interior is a one piece casting in blue which shows off the details inside quite well. Included in the packaging are 66 pillows and blankets to be installed if you so wish. The car ends are miles ahead of even the recent hard seat version with color coded end doors, greatly improved corridors and superb details all round. Air conditioning details are also superb with sharp 3d and painted details. Bogies are very nicely recreated and significantly different from most Chinese cars employing an airbag suspension system. Like the YZ version, these cars are also based on the electrical plug door type rather than the simpler swing doors.


The paint work is superb with an even finish, sharp lettering and a nice matt sheen. There is an amazing amount of tiny characters printed all over the carriage, all perfectly readable. 



Cars roll very freely and are nicely weighted at 172gms for the standard coach and 191gms for the version with factory lighting installed. They are very long at a fraction over 32 cms in length so the loading gauge on your layout should be considered!



Untested. All my examples are versions with out interior lighting.


The coupler issues that plagued the hard seat cars appears to have been cured for this run. Even so, I would still recommend a coupler upgrade to avoid using the drawbar system and to improve the gaps between the cars as a result of using the supplied Bachmann EZ mates. I'm unsatisfied with Kadee's for these cars, and recommend the use of Fleischmann 5215's (with a Kadee on the end of each rake of cars for the locomotive/aesthetic purposes).

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