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1:87 Scale



NX70 Class Flat Car


Prototype Information

The NX70 flat cars are a multi-purpose flat car type, gradually replacing the older N17 flatcar and its variants. Loading capacity has been increased to 70 tons. The 'X' denotes that they are fitted with for container securing equipment.


General Information

10 numbers are available, all sold without loads.  They are also very affordable at approximately $15-20 US each at the time of writing.



The packaging is a good quality two piece cardboard box with an inner plastic blister to support the model.  


The details are excellent for such an inexpensive model. The end footsteps use etched metal plates with plastic stirrups and look fantastic. There is provision in the main body casting to install metal ribs to hold a timber load. They've got a good amount of undercarriage detail and nice wheels with shallow wheel flanges. Lettering is is very nice and sharp.



The cars free roll very well with very little resistance from the axle boxes.


The model is equipped with plastic knuckle couplers. Unfortunately due to the packaging, many of you will need to replace broken couplers - in which case you can use 58/158's as long as you have broad curves, otherwise long shank 56/156's (or a mixture of both). Changing couplers must be done with care due to the uncoupling rods that have been attached to the coupling plate. If swapping out for 58's, you will need to make sure said coupling rod is in the exact same position as it was when you disassembled it or it may have a tendancy to snag the coupler head around corners.

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