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1:87 Scale



GQ70 / GN70 Class Tank Car

Bachmann China

Prototype Information

G70 tank cars are very modern tank cars produced from the mid 2000's and still in production. The GQ70 and GN70 tank cars are primarily used for the transportation of light oil products such as diesel, petrol, benzene, aviation fuelm kerosene etc. The cargo type is easily identified by the color of the tank car as well as the color of the stripe down the side. They have a load capacity of 70 tonnes, axle load of 23 tonnes and are rated to run at 120kph. 


General Information

The long awaited GQ70 tank cars were released in March 2008. The prototypes, while still young on China Rail, still look almost the same as the very common G60's and thus are still very popular with modellers. With the first run there was only one black car (CF00709) out of ten was also disappointing, and these sold out within hours from most retailers and are now very rare (not to mention expensive) if you are lucky enough to find one. A few years later when the second run was released, 2 more black variants with more lettering detail appeared. These two sold out relatively quickly.

Only livery differences were made over all three runs and as such, this review covers all versions.



The G70's come in a two piece plastic cradle which slides inside a thin cardboard box with display window.  



They have beautiful physical details, particularly the piping 'network' under the tank and above the bogies, ladders, grab irons and fine scale air hoses. The bogies are fast type K (Kuai) bogies with 3 springs each and are well reproduced.

Lettering is very sharp, and the color bands have no fuzz. The paint is very nicely and evenly applied, however the silver cars however are incredibly glossy.



The cars have a nice weight and roll very freely. The bogies pivot freely without obstruction and can negotiate very sharp curves. As usual, Bachmann have given these wagons wheels with extremely deep flanges and don't like Peco code 83 turnouts. (Note, the black car in this review has had its wheel flanges machined down.  


Bachmann EZ mates can be replaced with Kadee #56 or #156 long shanks; medium shank don't provide enough clearance to operate properly. (Note, the silver car in this review shows the Kadee #156's installed with magnetic pins removed)  

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