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Model Encyclopedia - Bachmann China C64K Class Gondola

Prototype Information

The C64's are THE freight car in China. Thousands upon thousands are used in everything from coal transportation, to container service. They are displacing their C62 predecessors, but this has been a slow process as the country is often faced with car shortages. They can be found on basically every standard gauge line in China.


Production Summary

Model Review



The C64's are a very welcome addition to the Chinese model railway world, they are very nicely built cars, with very crisp paint work, lettering and physical details. There are quite a few small flaws, for example ladders, footsteps and (self-install) tarpaulin hooks being the wrong colour, no interior details and the side walls being too thick, but I stress these are not major problems, and most can be modified or simply overlooked as being unavoidable for the manufacturing process. There are two types, the C64 and the C64K (K = Kuai, or fast) for running at speeds of up to 120kph. Prototypically speaking, the only physical differences in appearance are the bogies. Unfortunately Bachmann have made both their C64 and C64K's with the same K type bogie.

The first production run were all oxide in colour with removable plastic coal loads. The second run were black, also with removable coal loads. The third and most recent, was offered with black or oxide livery and with containers or a sand coloured stone load.


The cars have a nice weight and roll very freely. The deep wheel flanges don't like Peco code 83 turnouts, but I think we're all getting pretty used to these shenanigans.


Bachmann EZ mates can be replaced with Kadee #53/153 (short shanks), #5/58/158 (medium) or #56/156 (long).


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