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Model Encyclopedia - White Dragon B6 Class Ice Reefer

Prototype Information

The B6 reefers were one of the most popular types of freight cars in China from the 1970's to the early 2000's, easily spotted amongst other cars as having a pale yellow colour scheme (which often turn orange from rust). They are used to transport fresh produce and meat, the latter giving way for the more controlled electrically refrigerated cars as they became available. They are approximately 50' long with ribbed sides, round roofs and seven hatches on the roof with walkways either side. Large slabs of ice were loaded into the roof via the hatches to keep the interior cool.


Production Summary

Model Review


These were an extremely short run of cars built in Lativa by Modela and sold via the short lived White Dragon Models. There were three road numbers available out of a spread of 50 models. and had a fairly straight forward colour scheme allowing it to fit in (barely!) with the rest of my steam fleet.



The main body and bogies are cast resin, which enabled a very high quality finish, capturing all the very fine details. Unfortunately, being resin, after a few months in the Australian summer, many of the cars on my layout started to develop a body warp due to the room heating up. The other details are made from pressed brass (doors, ladders, steps, etc) or etched brass (walkways). These details, and the limited production run, made them very expensive to produce which was reflected in the price.


The cars are weighted nicely, much of this being in the resin body. The metal wheels have fairly high profile wheels, but a little less so than the type used on many of Bachmann China's products, so running on code 83 track is fine.


The cars have a coupler box that can accept any KD type couplers - recommended medium shank (#5 - or #58/158 scale head).


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