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1:87 Scale



HXD3C Class Co-Co


Prototype Information

The HXD3C is one of the newer of the HXd series of locomotives to take on China's passenger trains. They are common in the southern areas of China and around Beijing and are still in production today. it was an improvement, albeit a less powerful and smaller one, of the HXD3B. Over 1000 have been produced by Dalian and Beijing 27th Locomotive works since production began in 2010.


General Information

This is N27's second locomotive and added another of the modern HXd series electrics to their product lineup. The details are much nicer than their earlier HXD3 and it appears the models has actually been assembled with some care. They are similar in appearance to MTC's HXD3B, but are notably shorter perhaps making them more suitable for layouts with sharper curves. In true N27 style, there is a huge range of road numbers & bureaus to choose from.



N27 has really done a nice job on these. The details on the bogies are excellent, as are the roof details - with very nice looking (and working) pantographs. The cab area is also very impressive with a super fantastic chrome China Rail logo. Paint work is sharp and looks great. Included in the package are some etched metal grilles to places over the louvre vents along the roofline. These appear to be an optional extra only as none of the photos of the real locomotives I've seen have these installed. There are also some superb etched metal China Rail logos to place over the painted ones on the front ends of the loco (the pics below show the model with them not installed).



The HXD3C has a relatively powerful motor that should be able to pull on level track at least 8 - 10 passenger cars or twice as many freight cars. I've not yet been able to test this one on gradients to date. motor noise is minimum and the action is smooth through complicated track work.



Power can be switched to run off the pantographs via a switch under the white roof panel. The headlights are a bit of a concern, enough to warrant a conversion job. DCC information not yet available, however I presume provision for a plug in decoder exists.

(In DC mode at least) there is a cab light which when running, is oddly turned on in both cabs. The main headlights and marker lights are very good. the white marker lights have a blue tinge, while the main headlights are closer to the correct yellow.

Coupler Conversion

The model comes with metal knuckle couplers which appear to be copies of #5 Kadee's. They can be substituted for scale heads (#58/158) or long shank scale heads for extra clearance (#56/156). Conversion is infinitely trickier than N27's HXD3 locomotive series. Have fun.

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