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1:87 Scale



Huanghai DD6129S05 Commuter Bus

Prototype Information

The DD6129S05 is a commuter bus built in Changzhou by the Huanghai Automobile Co. The bus is equipped with a 5.9 litre 147kw engine and depending on the seating arrangement can transport around 100 standing and seating passengers.


General Information

Switcs Automodelle have released the first 1:87 scale commuter bus in Chinese prototype. Three wear the standard red/white/grey Beijing Bus livery and another in what I believe is a demonstrator livery (no route numbers). Each bus has very slight differences, chiefly stickers, number plates, destination boards, registration numbers etc. Although value for money is a personal opinion, I believe they are a little on the high side - at the time of writing they retail in China for 298 Yuan (slightly higher in Hong Kong). Having said that, they are very well built and the design allows for the fitting of lights (as I've done on one of mine). They will look right at home on any modern Chinese layout (Beijing based for the rivet counters).



Construction is a one piece plastic body with separate window sections. The side window panels (the right hand side being windows and doors) are one piece and windows are separated by paint, rather than a physical separation. There are some significant panel gaps between windows and body which is quite unfortunate. The bus floor is held in by small clips to the body and an interior floor sits inside this. Removing the floor is to add passengers or lighting is not an overly difficult task.


Roof ribbing and air-conditioner details are superb. Windscreen wipers are very fine. Headlights and tail lights are separate pieces. Tyres are made from real rubber and are mounted on plastic wheel centres. Interiors look great with some seats separately painted.

​Paint work is generally beautifully applied, although I'm a little underwhelmed with the glossy black window and door surrounds. Some touches such as number plates, disabled stickers and destination boards really bring these to life. The only fault I could find in a couple of places was some overspray from the wheel centres onto the tyres.



There are no working lights in the bus, however thanks to the way it can be disassembled, it is possible to fit roof interior lighting and headlights for those who are handy with micro electronics. 

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