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Model Encyclopedia - Bachmann China 1:87 ND2 Class Co-Co Diesel

Prototype Information

The ND2's were built in Romania from the early 1970's to the mid 1980's, totalling nearly 300 by the end of the production run. They were very useful locomotives working primary trains, before being used on lesser workings as they began to age, including maintenance, freight and passenger trains in the Guangzhou and Shanghai areas. Most have now been withdrawn, with some having found a new lease of life, being exported back to Romania.


Production Summary

Production Summary

Model Review


We've really been spoilt for choice with road numbers, considering this type of locomotive was by no means considered one of the major classes in China.



The ND2 locomotives bring about a new standard from Bachmann China. While the models have ultra fine details, Bachmann have also made them robust enough to be handled. Each of the 10 road numbers released has unique details, mostly being in the horn arrangement and colour and the pilot style/colour. The wheels on these engines (although deep flanges, yet again) are particularly well done being of a spoked design, and the bogies themselves look terrific with the separate springs, although I'm not too fond with the material they've started using to cast them. It's very brittle stuff, so no bending! The windshield wipers are extremely fine, the best we've seen yet. The staff exchangers (those little parts included in the box) are now etched brass.


These are very heavy locomotives, despite their compact size. Wheel pickup comes from all 6 axles, and even with the shorter than usual wheel base, users should not experience any problems electrical pick-up problems. They are very smooth, although they give off a bit of a grumble that should disappear after an hour or two of running.


The lighting is directional, although unlike any of the other diesels from Bachmann China, these have no red colored rear lights! I believe this is a prototypical arrangement. The main headlight is the typical light blue LED, while the two side lights have a much yellower hue. There is plenty of room inside the engine to add a decoder. As per typical Bachmann practice, there is an 8-pin plug for the decoder.


The ND2's have the easiest coupler exchange I've yet come across. They will accept Kadee #58 (scale) or #158 (scale w/whisker). The pilot simply screws off and the coupler drops out.


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