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The Yaojie railway is an industrial line with many spur lines & factories. It is situated in Gansu province, some 100 kilometers west of Gansu's capital city, Lanzhou. The Yaojie line connects with the China Rail network at Haishiwan. At the time, 0633 was the only active engine, with 1713 on standby at the depot.

SY (ShangYou) class 2-8-2 #0633 returns to Yaojie yard light engine for another pick up - 24 September 2006.

Length 1:26 minutes.

SY (ShangYou) class 2-8-2 # 0633 charges the bank at Yaojie with a short train of hoppers - 24 September 2006.

Length 1:05 minutes.

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