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Xingyang is located approcimately 30 kilometers west of Henan province's capital city, Zhengzhou. The line ran for four kilometers from a clay quarry to three brickwork factories using a pair of C2 class 0-8-0 locomotives. This was a narrow gauge dream line, being so close to a major center and, when not shut for weather or lack of demand from the factories, a very busy little railway. The line closed not long after my visit having succumbed to road transport.

Xingyang has my favourite narrow gauge line in China. It is a very seasonal line and is now the only non-coal narrow gauge steam operation left in China - hauling clay from a quarry to the few brick factories along its 4km stretch of line. In this view, C2 207 crosses the famous arch brick viaduct heading for one of the factories, 18 September 2006.

Length 0:53 minutes.

C2 207 fly shunts her train of hoppers. Fly shunting was common practice with the Xingyang railway, whereby the locomotive brings its train into the siding and offloads cargo as normal.It then reverses out of the siding and a good distance down line, keeping the siding switch open. The train is then accelerated towards the siding again and just prior to reaching the switch, the locomotive disconnects from the rest of the train and rolls into the siding. At this point, the switch is thrown, so the rest of the train rolls down the mainline. The locomotive is then reversed out of the siding and chases its hoppers to take them back to the quarry, 18 September 2006.

Length 3:20 minutes.

Clay being unloaded from C2 207's latest train of side dump hoppers. Also footage of the same train reversing out of the siding in preparation for the fly-shunt, 18 September 2006.

Length 2:12 minutes.

C2 207 shuffles up hill and into a siding with a loaded train of clay for the brick factories. Notice the superior trackwork, 18 September 2006.

Length 1:33 minutes.

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