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Mudanjiang is a huge city in Heilongjiang which lost most of its steam many years ago. Fortunately the power station had a pair of beautiful veteran QJ's whose sole job was to shunt loads in and empties out around the clock. The locomotives themselves were very rare in 2006 having retained their 8 wheel tenders and having elephant ears (high mounted smoke deflectors). Both locomotives were in excellent condition (albeit somewhat dirty), number 1675 & 1830 both with builders plates showing build dates of 1972.

QJ1830 & 1675 team up to pull in 45 loaded coal hoppers into the power station. This was the only steam powered push-pull working I saw in China, had I known it was about to occur I would have definately moved to a better location! - 09 February 2006.

Length 1:26 minutes.

QJ1675 reverses loaded coal cars into Mudanjiang power station. Despite the monotonous working, I would have been more than happy to sit here for a week to watch these go about their business - 09 February 2006.

Length 0:38 minutes.

QJ 1675 charges out of the Mudanjiang power station with a long rake of empties - 09 February 2006.

Length 2:27 minutes.

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