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Other Locations

Three rail journeys and a DF4 crossing a massive viaduct near Yanzhou.

11 minute clip showing some of the highlights between Shenzhen and somewhere east of Heyuan before darkness fell. Some specific highlights include:
00:06 - 00:35 - Shenzhen station with CRH1 006
01:00 - 01:12 - SS8 0192 from Hong Kong flies past our train
02:05 - 02:15 - Extremely rare DF4B with DF4E body style (1 of 2 made) at Dongguan East yard with a container train.
03:10 - 03:15 - Our train passes DF5 1654 with small rake of tank cars
03:51 - 04:10 - Our train crosses the pearl river at Huizhou
04:21 - DF5 1653 shut down in compound at Huizhou North The rest of the clip shows mainly the scenery, some rolling stock in sidings etc - 11 January 2013.

Length 11:00 minutes.

Onboard Xingyang - Yima passenger train, three points of interest;
1. Passing oncoming train SS6/6k with a long mixed freight
2. Passing a huge passenger car yard @ Luoyang
3. More Chinese freight cars
(plus a bonus if you watch to the end)

Length 1:32 minutes.

DF4C 4265 passes over a huge viaduct over farmland at Zouxian. The thick have is due to all the farmers across most of the country burning their fields to promote good growth, 16 September 2006.

Length 1:19 minutes.

One of the most scenic areas along China's railways lies along this section. Enless viaducts straight into tunnels, spectacular valleys river's and small villages with so much character, 16 September 2006.

Length 2:43 minutes.

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