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The Meihekou Mining railway is an industrial line which serves six shaft mines just south of Meihekou. It is situated in Jilin province, about 150 kilometers south east of Changchun city and 150 kilometers south west of Jilin city. This railway connects with the China Rail network at Heishantou with Yijing (mine 1). Yijing has the larger of the populated areas and also has the railway yard and locomotive workshops. To the north of Yijing is Sijing (mine 4) and to the south are Erjing (mine 2), Sanjing (mine 3), Wujing (mine 5) and Liujing (mine 6). At the time, a passenger train between the mines ran four times daily, usually with six passenger cars behind an SY.

At the time of my visit, the line had five active SY locomotives & a sixth for spares and one DFH5 diesel. The workers had a particular disdain for this locomotive as it reportedly had a high failure rate compared the the SY's, however the powers that be placed another order for more of these locomotives in order to retire the steam locomotives.

SY 0791 with a huge train of loaded coal hoppers rolls towards the CNR exchange at Heishantou. The driver gives it to her after getting a green signal - 16 February 2006.

Length 5:55 minutes.

SY 1662 shunting a rake of KF60 self dumping hoppers into Yijing yard. Note the wheel lock up and wheel slip! 15 February 2006.

Length 1:04 minutes.

SY 1564 with the midday passenger train at Yijing station 15 February 2006.

Length 1:30 minutes.

One of my personal favourites - SY 0791 departs Yijing yard with a rare mixed freight for the CNR mainline. The bridge in the background is part of the narrow gauge electric railway, but is often shared by pedestrians, dogs and a poor chap on a bicycle - 15 February 2006.

Length 1:25 minutes.

SY 1564 with a huge rake of empties heading back to the mines from Heishantou. Nice to see steam doing what it does best! Note the smoke ring. Turn up your speakers and enjoy.

Length 3:21 minutes.

Up close and personal with a DFH5 hydraulic industrial diesel locomotive on the Meihekou Mining Railway. This footage was obtained over a few days in mid February.

Footage includes:
1. heading a passenger train
2.being pulled out of the locomotive works to work on a diesel generator (the diesel fumes started to overwhelm the workers after an hour)
3. At the front of a freight train (sand) at Yijing.

Length 2:06 minutes.

Mining scenes from Yijing and Erjing mines.

Footage includes:
1. Narrow gauge electric locomotive at Yijing.
2. Loading C62 hoppers at Yijing, cars are pulled through by winch.
3. SY 1662 shunting wagons at Erjing - 16 February 2006.

Length 3:51 minutes.

The benefits of travelling with a Chinese speaker - special access into the workshops! 16 February 2006

Locomotives include:
1. SY 1216 awaiting transfer to Jinzhou 701 workshops for a heavy overhaul, some 450 kilometers away, once SY 1217 returns.
2. SY 1445 outside dumped, used as a parts source.
3. SY 1564 having a whistle repair
4. SY 0791 in for light maintenance.

Much of the footage was taken on the roof of an office inside the shed - note the electrical generators in various states of repair.

Length 3:26 minutes.

SY locomotives around Yijing, Meihekou - 16 & 17 February 2006.

Locomotives include:
1. Double header 0791 & 1662 (light)
2.SY 1564 (light engine)
3. SY 1564 with afternoon passenger train.

Length 3:23 minutes.

SY 1564 on passenger duty, approaching Yijing - 17 February 2006.

Length 2:01 minutes.

SY 1662 on yard duty at Yijing.

Footage includes:
1. Locomotive movements
2. External details
3. On the footplate
4. Shunting freight cars

Length 4:38 minutes.

The Meihekou mining railways small railcar rolls over the bridge heading for Heishantou CNR exchange prior to the arrival of a loaded coal train - 17 February 2006.

Length 0:45 minutes.

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