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Liujiaxia & Hekou

Hekou-nan is located about 40 kilometers west of Lanzhou. At this point, the mainline splits with the northern line heading towards Urumuqi and the western line out to Xining and beyond to the far western borders. Hekou-nan also used to join the local Liujiaxia branch line to the south with steam. While it was reported only weeks prior to our visit that the four JS locomotives served this route, unfortunately it had been very recently switched to diesel. Fortunately the last half of the branch line was still hauled by steam.

JS 8227 on standby/swimming pool heater duties, 22 September 2009.

Length 1:19 minutes.

JS 8223 arrives at Liujiaxia station with a 2 pax/1 box car train - 22 September 2006.

Length 2:08 minutes.

JS 8223 reverses around its train and departs - 22 September 2006

Length 2:41 minutes.

This DF4B has just left Hekou-nan and is heading for Shangxuan with a mixed freight.

Length 1:35 minutes.

Heavy freight passing through Hekou-nan heading for Urumuqi with DF4B 1933, 22 September 2006.

Length 1:18 minutes.

Shunting huge trains in the very modern yard at Hekou-nan with a DF5 diesel hydraulic # 1831, 22 September 2006.

Length 1:47 minutes.

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