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Laocheng & Jinxing

Laocheng and Jinxing are small towns along the Jing-Jiu line in Jiangxi and Guangdong provinces respectively. Both are home to large viaducts, offering some pretty spectacular views.

LAOCHENG - Train 1 - DF11 with SSPE (Super Speed Parcels Express) train, 16 x XL25T class baggage cars.
Train 2 - HXD1C with RELS (Railway Express Luggage Service) train, 16 x PB, P65 and P70 box cars - 13 January 2013.

Length 1:15 minutes.

LAOCHENG - Chinese Electrics - HXD1B 0019 leads a long box car train over a small bridge near Laocheng. A bit of an editting fail there on my part, guys & gals - fast forward to about 40 seconds for the train - 13 January 2013.

Length 1:30 minutes.

LAOCHENG - DF11G flies over Laocheng viaduct with a 17 car train. This is the last viaduct in Jiangxi province before entering Guangdong. DF11G, now a rarity on this line after the electricity was turned on, couldn't get the number :-( - 13 January 2013.

Length 0:53 minutes.

JINXING - DF4DK 3081 with beautiful horn at start of video crosses over the Jinxing viaduct heading for Ganzhou. (Mistake in title of video, incorrectly stating Laocheng viaduct) :-( - 13 January 2013.

Length 0:50 minutes.

JINXING - Fast becoming rare green & gold DF4B with 3 car passenger train heading for Longchuan depot passes Ganzhou bound DF11 0329 with 18 x 25k type passenger cars - 13 January 2013.

Length 0:53 minutes.

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