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Jixi became a steam mecca for many railfans in the final years of steam. The Jixi area is a large coal producing region, situated approximately 80 kilometers west of Lake Khanka and less than 50 kilometers away from the Russian border. The Jixi coal mining railway system comprises of four divisions. During my visit in 2006, I was able to visit only 3 of these so spent my time at the places with a better chance of seeing steam, these being Chengzihe, Didao & Hengshan.

SY's 0733 & 863 at Chengzihe yard, 11 February 2006.

Length 2:02 minutes.

SY 1351 enters Chengzihe yard light engine while 0733 receives some attention - 11 February 2006

Length 0:45 minutes.

A pair of SY's idling at Chengzihe, 10 February 2006.

Length 0:39 minutes.

SY 1058 coasts into Chengzihe with five loaded KF60 self dumping hoppers from the washery at Beipiao - 16 February 2006.

Length 0:58 minutes.

SY 0733 makes a spectacular departure out of Chengzihe with some loaded KF60 hoppers - 10 February 2006.

Length 1:16 minutes.

Up close and personal with a DF5H hydraulic industrial diesel locomotive on the Meihekou Mining Railway. This footage was obtained over a few days in mid February.

Length 0:59 minutes.

SY 1544 departs light out of Chengzihe for Beipiao washery - 10 February 2006.

Length 0:55 minutes.

SY 0590 heads towards the CNR exchange with 37 loaded C62 hoppers - 10 February 2006.

Length 0:55 minutes.

SY 0950 at Didao colliery - 12 February 2006.

Length 3:47 minutes.

SY 1205 pushes and unloads a train of KF60 hoppers at a coal dump near Didao washery. This was my only opportunity to actually witness a KF60 unload itself! - 12 February 2006.

Length 2:00 minutes.

Short clip of SY 0950 moving through the Didao yards - 12 February 2006.

Length 0:22 minutes.

Brilliant SY late afternoon departure of SY0950 out of the Didao interchange with a short coal train for the CNR mainline - 11 February 2006.

Length 2:38 minutes.

A worker hitching a ride on SY 0341 - 13 February 2006.

Length 0:58 minutes.

SY 1095 departs Henghan with a goliath loaded coal train - 13 February 2006

Length 2:27 minutes.

Hengshan's SY 1095 backing down on a long string of brand new C70 hoppers. Hengshan's SY's were in tip top condition, with all the ones I noticed having very early style tender bogies and features painted an unorthodox yellow - 13 February 2006.

Length 1:48 minutes.

SY 1095 pulls a train of C70 hoppers into the transfer yard while SY 0804 receives some attention. At one point four SY's come into view! - 13 February 2006.

Length 1:28 minutes.

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