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Hong Kong

This page contains videos of MTR's East Rail line with Metro Cammell e.m.u.'s, the Ktt push-pull train with Swiss built Re460 electric locomotives and China Rail's Through-trains using SS8 elecrics.

SS8 0192 heading to Hong Kong from Guangzhou Dong & SS8 0181 for opposite service - 03 January 2013.

Length 1:40 minutes.

North bound and South bound MTR Metro Cammell's on the East Line from Fanling, NT. HKSAR - 03 Jan 2013.

Length 2:03 minutes.

MTR's push pull Kowloon through train with 2 x Re460's through university station heading to Hong Kong - 06 Jan 2013.

Length 2:16 minutes.

Small compilation of Metro Cammell e.m.u.'s at University station, New Territories Hong Kong SAR, shot with Sanyo HD cam and GoPro silver - 06 Jan 2013.

Length 4:33 minutes.

Small compilation of G16, G26 and Metro Cammell e.m.u.'s around Fo Tan & Sha Tin
1. Metro Cammell departs Sha Tin heading for Hung Hom
2. G26 #62 runs light engine through Sha Tin
3. G16 #59 at Fo Tan MTR maintenance depot
4. Metro Cammell approaches Fo Tan for the border
5. Metro Cammell departs Fo Tan for Hung Hom.
6. Metro Cammell approaches Fo Tan for the border - 07 Jan 2013.

Length 1:53 minutes.

MTR Metro Cammell's and SP1900's from Mong Kok East - 07 Jan 2013.

Length 3:47 minutes.

MTR trains from Fo Tan and Shat Tin stations, NT Hong Kong - 07 Jan 2013.

Length 2:52 minutes.

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