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Here you can read about my trips to China in search of steam, diesel and electric traction. I will add more as time permits. Please note if you are planning a trip to China, the information contained within may no longer be accurate.

January 2000 - Jing Peng

A brief trip report of my trip report from Hong Kong to Jing Peng and back via Shanghai.

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May 2001 - Shenzhen

A one day incursion into the mainland for some mainline action around Shenzhen

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February 2005 - Pingdingshan

A week long trip to Pingdingshan, Henan province for SY, JS & QJ steam locomotives, GKD3B & DF10D diesels and a spot of mainline CNR diesel/electric action.

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February 2006 - Hegang - Mudanjiang - Jixi - Meihekou

Two weeks in north eastern China by rail, with focus on the Hegang, Jixi & Meihekou mining systems, as well as the last QJ's in Mudanjiang with some CNR modern mainline workings in between.

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September 2006 - Shanghai - Yanzhou - Xingyang - Yima - Yinghao - Hekou-nan - Liujiaxia - Yaojie - Baoji - Shibanxi

Another jam packed two week adventure in China on everything from Shanghai's 431 kph maglev train to old narrow gauge steam engines that have to be seen to be believed! This trip we found QJ's in Yanzhou, JS's at Liujiaxia & Yima and SY's in Yaojie as well as the three narrow gauge systems of Xingyang, Yinghao and Shibanxi. There is a small amount of CNR mainline workings around Baoji & Hekou-nan.

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January 2013 - Shenzhen - Ganzhou - Yuancun - Laocheng - Jinxing

Three days exploring the southern Chinese provinces of Guangdong & Jiangxi. Includes Ganzhou timber railway, Ganzhou CNR locomotive depot and mainline action from Ganzhou East, Jinxing & Laocheng.

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November 2013 - Beijing - Tianjin - Yuxia/Xian - Lanzhou - Sandaoling

Action packed 11 day adventure to some of the final steam centers on the planet, with some modern railroading included, covering 6500 kilometeres in the process.

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February 2014 - Shenzhen - Yuxia/Xian - Sandaoling

A return trip to Sandaoling and Yuxia for yet another epic steam adventure.

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November 2014 - Rongshan - Luopoling - Pingzhuang - Chifeng - Jalainur - Fuxin - Fushun - Liujiaxia - Sandaoling - Yongchuan

Biggest trip yet covering as many steam systems possible requiring 12 trains, 2 domestic flights and diet of Ibuprofen.

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September 2015 - Beijing - Jiutai & Changchun - Hengdaohezi - Harbin - Tumen - Fushun - Fuxin - Luopoling - Dahuichang

The madness continues. A two week journey chasing a mix of steam and classic/modern traction in China's North East with a quick border visit to North Korea.

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April 2016 - Hong Kong - Yuexi - Kunming - Hekou - Sanmenxia - Changsha - Yingtan - Jingdezhen - Nanpiao - Fuxin

Latest trip with visits to the Yunnan meter gauge line & industrial railways, Jingdezhen narrow gauge, vintage diesels in Yuexi, Sanmenxia and Nanpiao and a return (and final) visit to Fuxin for my annual steam booster shot.

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December 2016 - Harbin, Hengdaohezi, Jixi, Nancha, Xinglongzhen, Jiutai, Liaoyuan, Fushun, Nanpiao, Pingzhuang, Beijing, Kashgar, Urumqi, Sandaoling, Kunming & Yuexi

Final China trip has concluded, visiting all corners of the country and covering standard & narrow gauge, vintage, veteran and modern motive power. The report is divided into four parts.

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