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QJ Class 2-10-2 steam locomotives

The QJ (or QianJin) 2-10-2's was the largest steam locomotive for China Rail's highly standardized mainline steam fleet. It was highly successful with over 4700 examples produced with the last one rolling out of Datong Locomotive Works in 1988. The last QJ was retired from industrial use in March 2013, bringing a very sad end of an era. However three were exported to the United States and and are still in operational condition.

Some of my videos of QJ class steam locomtives in action can be found here.

Yanzhou's QJ locomotives
The QJ's in the Yanzhou/Zouxian area was the last stand of China's QJ's. Most worked in the coal mines (around 3524'N 11654'E) and there was another example that served at Sishui Cement plant. The mines used there's until mid-March 2011 and the sole remaining locomotive, 7129 of Sishui, dropped her last fire in mid March 2013.

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