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Laocheng & Jinxing

Laocheng lies right on the border of southern Jiangxi province on the Jing-Jiu line. There is an impressive viaduct there with many good vantages, although challenging since the elctrification of the line.

Jinxing is a very small town in northern Guangdong province. It was a communal farming area in the 1960's followed by a tourist haven in the 1970's and 80's. Much of the town was abandoned after the latter failed to materialize, however the area is going through a bit of a rebuild thanks to the opening of a few quarries in the local area. As such, the only road leading in and out is in an appaling state, no suprise given the constant stream of trucks somehow managing to navigate it. This sort of area is fast becoming a rarity in China as development rips through the country. As progress creeps in to a place far off the beaten track, it will be interesting to see if this place succumbs to the modernisation destroying much of the historical significance it offers.

Video footage from both locations can be found by clicking here .

Laocheng, Jiangxi province

Jinxing, Guangdong province

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