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DF4C Class diesel locomotives

The DF4C (Deng Feng or East Wind) was another improvement in the DF4 series. The standard DF4D was for the most part a passenger locomotive, however freight variants do exit. The passenger version are painted maroon and cream. Nearly 600 were built before production shifted to newer versions, such as the DF4DK, and they seem to be fairly well spread out all over China.The DF4C (Deng Feng or East Wind) is an improved DF4B, China's most numerous freight locomotive. While they didn't replace the DF4B's, they numbered well over 1000 units and work in pockets all over the country. There are two common color schemes - blue/cream, which can be found all over the country, for example Yanzhou, and a less common dark blue with cream lining livery, popular in the Meihekou area.

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