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Baoji, Shaanxi province

Baoji in Gansu province and lies along the mainline between Xian (100kms east) and Lanzhou (400 kms north west). It is the junction of the Bao-Cheng (Baoji - Chengdu) railway line, completed in the 1950's and fully electrified. Initially trains were hauled by French built 6G and 6Y2 electric locomotives as well as the Chinese/Soviet shared effort of the 6Y1 and they remained the premier locomotives for the line until the SS1 electrics started arriving from the early 1970's. Unfortunately my run down this line happened during night hours, however I was able to spent a few hours, albeit in torrential rain, in a small mountain town called Guanyin to watch and attempt to photograph the amazing triple header passenger trains and three twin-unit electrics slog up the mountains.

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