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My Modelling Projects

Bailong Railway

The Bailong railway was my first attempt at building a Chinese layout that was ultimately doomed. It was a winter themed layout based in Northern China comprising of a double track mainline with a banking station in the center and a small factory complex at one end. The layout lasted approximately 2 years before being dismantled to make way for successor layout, Wangkui (see below). Click on the thumbnail to the left of the page to view more pictures of the Bailong layout or click here

Wangkui Railway

Wangkui was my second layout, taking nearly four years to construct before sadly being disassembled in late 2010 due to the sale of the house. This was a huge undertaking with a size of 24' x 12 feet and over 250 meters of track. This was a fictitious layout based in Heilongjiang province consisting of the cities of Wangkui, Anda, Daqing & Suihua. The layout was far from finished, however the whole process of building it with my friend Peter was very valuable and thoroughly enjoying. Click on the thumbnail to the left of the page to view more pictures of the Wangkui layout or click here

Kitbashing projects
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Weathering projects
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Chinese modelling projects from around the world

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If you would like to include your Chinese modelling work on the website, please send me an email. Photos should be at least 950 pixels wide, captions appreciated.

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