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Zeyi 20' & 40' Containers

Prototype Information

China's National Railways has its own internal container service in a range of sizes from 10' - 48' in length. The most common color is blue, but some are red or green. I'm unsure if the color denotes the type of cargo they are to carry. The 10', 20' and 40' types are commonly transported by flat cars or gondolas.

Model Production Summary

Release Date Production Number Production Run Scale Road #s Type/Color
February 2008 ZY070001 1st & 2nd HO (1:87) TBJU 5656790 20' / Blue
" " ZY070002 " " " " TBJU 5847009 40' / Blue
" " ZY070003 " " " " TBJU 9881118 20' / Red
" " ZY070004 " " " " TBJU 5656790 40' / Red
" " ZY070005 1st only " " CYSU 4000294 40' / Red

Other notes;
- ZY070001 & ZY070004 share the same road number!
- ZY070005 was solid red color with no owner markings. The others all have "China Railway" printed on the sides in Chinese and English

Model Review

To date there have been eight different types - but only five of these are available solely as containers. The other three come with flat cars made by associate company Beijing Wanxuda Railway Equipment. The 20' containers come 4 to a box, and the 40' containers are in pairs - although I know some sellers who sell (sold) them individually. There is however only one road number for each of the different types.

One of the best things about these containers are the boxes they come in. I don't really focus on boxes in my reviews, but these ones are good enough to hold brass models so deserve a mention. They are a two-piece paper coated cardboard affair with the details on the top part. Inside there is a yellow felt material (some have silk) and a pair of red ribbons to easily remove the containers from the boxes.

The casting of the containers is relatively very good. The details are sharp enough, and they should be more or less compatible in stacking with other containers made by different modelling companies. The lettering is very nice and is on the container sides and ends. The size is perfect - and a single 40' or a pair of 20'ers will happily ride in a Bachmann C64 gondola. The only real problems with these containers is quality control. Many of them have minor casting defects, such as the bottom plugs missing or the top plug holes filled in. I've even got one with a piece of hair or fibre under the paint. A few of mine have paint issues, one has only been given a single coat of paint which makes it a much lighter blue - and another has the correct blue with only a single coat of white for the lettering which is very pale in comparison to the others!

Other Notes
There was a re-run of these containers about a year after the initial release, and were identical in every way. For Chinese modellers, these containers are a very valuable accessory and would fit into almost any Chinese layout.

Review Summary

The Good News

The Bad News
Well received model for flat car and gondola loads Poor quality control
Beautiful boxes Quite expensive

Model Photos

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