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Bachmann China UZ (YouZhengche) Post Office Cars

Prototype Information

The UZ22 post cars were a once common site across China and are fast becoming a rare breed. There was usually one per per train with mail being loaded enroute and processed by a number of employees.

Model Production Summary

Release Date Production Number Production Run Scale Road # Livery Bureau Lights
September 2013 CP01902 1st HO Scale 7676 Dark Green W/Pale Yellow Lining & Lettering Shanghai Lights
" " CP01904 " " " " 7672 Red & Grey W/Orange Lining & Red Lettering Shanghai " "
" " CP01906 " " " " 7811 Green W/Pale Yellow Lining & Lettering Shenyang " "
" " CP01907 " " " " 7638 Dark Green W/Yellow Lining & Lettering Guangzhou No Lights
" " CP01909 " " " " 7755 Green W/Yellow Lining & Lettering Chengdu " "
" " CP01911 " " " " 7825 Light Blue, Blue, White w/Red Lining & Lettering Guangzhou " "

Model Review

The UZ22 is the last common car required for a complete passenger train, and yes, there are some rare cars in the 22/23 series such as testing cars and military sleepers, but these are exceptionally rare and these rare ones were usually on dedicated trains. Bachmann have produced a total of six different models, each with a unique livery. There are some gaps in the production numbers, however these refer only to whether or not the model comes with working lights or not (odd #'s = No lights, even #'s = with lights). Whether Bachmann produce these remains to be seen.

The construction method is a one piece body with a clip in roof and underframe. The couplers are on a swing system, like the old Roco system, which ensures close coupling cars around corners (coupler upgrade is recommended - see below). The interior is a one piece casting.

These cars have a generous amount of detail, much of it in the roof and undercarriage, with very nice roof vents, piping etc. Paint work is very nicely applied and the lettering and lining is razor sharp. Bogie details are OK with wheel numbers printed on the axle boxes and the generator wheel also painted. Given that these cars have sliding doors and also the level of action at stations with sacks of mail and parcels being loaded and unloaded, it would have been nice to see this one have operating doors.

The lighted version is more resistant to the unlit version due to the wheel brush electrical pickup system, however the effect is minimal. Those who operate more than 10 cars may see a noticeable difference.

Interior lighting is provided by a circuit board installed in the roof with small LED's. The LED color is a very nice peach/white color which looks fantastic and illuminates the interior very nicely. it may be a touch on the bright side, but this can be diffused easily enough. (How they got this one so right and the newer KD25K/G's so wrong is an absolute mystery to me!) Pick up is provided by a wheel wiper system.

Coupler Conversion
Bachmann EZ-mates are fitted to the models which should be replaced at the earliest opportunity if you don't like huge air gaps between cars. Bachmann have included their usual semi-permanent drawbars which work well enough, yet are a pain to attach and detach. While I usually advocate the use of KD couplers, on my passenger fleet, I use a Kadee coupler at each end of a rake of cars (type 362 NEM) and Fleischmann 6515's throughout the rest of the train. These couplers offer a spot on length and flawless operation between the cars around corners. I find the KD's don't work well with certain types of cars and are a bit too short for my liking.

Other Notes
The final car in the 22/23 series is now available! Thank you Bachmann.

Review Summary

The Good News

The Bad News
Usual quality/robust model from Bachmann Poor color LED's in the lit versions
Various liveries and bureau options Deep wheel flanges
Excellent lighting system (finally!)

Model Photos

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