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Bachmann China S12 Caboose

Prototype Information

Cabooses were used on nearly all mainline freight trains in China up until the end of mainline steam operations in 1998 (although they were also used on diesel powered trains). Apart from being used on the Ji-Tong line until steam ended there in 2005, they were rapidly removed from service. Thousands of them were built to a more or less standard design and were similar in appearance to the cabooses used on Milwaukee Railroad in the United States with ribbed sides and bay windows, although quite a bit shorter. Most had some of their windows plated up in the later working lives.

Model Production Summary

Release Date Production Number Production Run Scale Road #s Bureau/Owner
Early 2007 CF00301 1st HO (1:87) 9011201 -
" " CF00302 " " " " 9012472 -
" " CF00303 " " " " 9010220 -
" " CF00304 " " " " 9014090 Wuhan
" " CF00305 " " " " 9012041 Shanghai
" " CF00306 " " " " 9011253 -
" " CF00307 " " " " (S11) 9003388 -
" " CF00308 " " " " 10642 Hainan
" " CF00309 " " " " (S13) 9032131 Nanjing
" " CF00310 " " " " 038 JiTong Rwy
2014 CF00311 2nd " " 019 " "
" " CF00312 " " " " 9012046 Shanghai
" " CF00313 " " " " 10646 Hainan
" " CF00314 " " " " 9000908 -

Model Review - 1st Production Run

Ten individual versions of the Cabooses were made by Bachmann China, eight of the S12 class and one each of S11 and S13 (although apart from the lettering on the models, they are identical in every way; even the boxes show them as S12's).

These are extremely well built cars with even paint work and extremely fine lettering. All cars have full interiors. There is a small bag of parts included which includes some plating to cover up some of the windows, as prototypical in the later years of prototype operation, and some fine wire handrails to be installed by the owner over the end handrails. If anyone has successfully applied these, I'd love to hear from you! I managed to install one of them before giving up, although being black cars, you wouldn't really notice they were missing unless you looked really hard.

The cars have a nice weight and roll very freely. These were the last freight cars to use low profile wheels, which was fortunately needed due to the low floors on the car, otherwise I'm sure the notorious pizza cutters would have been used.

Coupler Conversion
Bachmann EZ mates can be replaced with Kadee #5/58/158 (medium shank) or #53/153 (scale head, short shank).

Other Notes
The S12's were once a very common sight in China, particularly during steam operations and are so far Bachmann China's best freight cars to date. They still seem to be readily available, so this may be reflected in the very high price compared to other models. Well done Bachmann.

Review Summary

The Good News

The Bad News
Highly desirable model Comparatively expensive
Extremely well built and detailed Window bars are extremely difficult to install
Excellent paint work and lettering with 10 road #'s to choose from
Low profile wheels

Model Photos

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