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Preiser China Railway Staff & Passengers

Prototype Information

The uniforms on the CNR staff in sets 10570 and 10571 suit late 1990's to present, judging from the red/ivory shoulder bars and hat styles.

Model Production Summary

Release Date Production Number Production Run Scale Figures per Pack Occupation
May 2008 10570 1st HO (1:87) Five CNR Staff / Passengers
" " 10571 " " " " Five + cart CNR Staff / Passengers
2010 10572 " " " " Five Farmers
" " 10573 " " " " Seven Seated Passengers
" " 10574 " " " " Five Farmers

Model Review

There are now five different passenger sets specifically made for Chinese modellers in HO scale by Preiser. These are all individually hand painted figures, and as such this is reflected in the high price. To date, there are no unpainted bulk packs. The first two sets were released in 2008 and both have a mixture of passengers and China Rail staff. The farmer sets are to be released in mid 2010, and looking at the production photos, the only differences (sets 10572 & 10574) are the colors of the clothes.

The painting and level of care taken to make these figures is truly outstanding. Live models were used and a master was hand carved and then reproduced in a much smaller size. Note on the CNR staff the buttons, two tone shoulder bars, badge hat emblem, etc - it's all there!

Other Notes
Chinese Ho scale modellers really can't go past these beautiful figures.

Review Summary

The Good News

The Bad News
Populate your Chinese layout with Chinese people! Quite expensive!
Beautifully painted
Realistic poses and fashion

Model Photos

Numbers below each figure correspond with the set in which they are included. Small amounts of blu-tac was used to stand figures up for photographing and may be visible on some.

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