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Prototype Information

The BJ class diesel hydraulics are a small beefy class of locomotive, built from the mid 1970's to early 1990's, designed to haul express passenger trains. The bulk of the class were located in and around the Beijing area, yet as the class has aged, many have seen service elsewhere. Most were double ended units, yet there were a number of double unit machines (with single cabs). There was a small handful of broad gauge locomotives built for use in the Manzhouli region for use on the Russian network, and MTC are producing one of these locomotives, however I am quite certain this will run on the same HO scale track for compatibility's sake.

Model Production Summary

Single Unit Version
Release Date Production Number Production Run Scale Road #s Bureau Livery
December 2012 ZY12-01 2nd HO (1:87) 3001 Beijing February 7th Locomotive Works Orange & White
" " ZY12-02 " " " " 3002 Beijing Green & Yellow
September 2012 ZY12-03 1st " " 3221 Beijing Blue & White
" " ZY12-04 " " " " 3346 Xian Blue & White
TBA ZY12-05 TBA " " 3268 Zhengzhou TBA
TBA ZY12-06 TBA " " 3003 Beijing, Taiyuan Bureau Blue & White
TBA ZY12-07 TBA " " 3234 Luo-Fu (Luohe-Fuyang) Railway Co. TBA
TBA ZY12-08 TBA " " 3241 Nanpiao Blue & White
TBA ZY12-09 TBA " " 3335 Beijing, Tangshang Locomotive Works Blue & White
TBA ZY12-10 TBA " " 3093 Beijing, Shijiazhuang Bureau TBA
TBA ZY12-11 TBA " " 3223 Beijing TBA - Green & Yellow?
TBA ZY12-12 TBA " " 1101 (Broad gauge) Harbin, Manzhouli Bureau Blue & White
TBA ZY12-13 TBA " " 3112 Taiyuan, Houma Bureau Blue & White
TBA ZY12-14 TBA " " 1012 Sichuan Chemical Company TBA
TBA ZY12-15 TBA " " 3309 Beijing TBA - Blue & White?
TBA ZY12-16 TBA " " 3129 Beijing, Shijiazhuang Bureau TBA
TBA ZY12-17 TBA " " 3242 Shenyang, Tumen Bureau TBA
TBA ZY12-18 TBA " " 3265 Tongling Railway Company Yellow & White
Double Unit Version
Release Date Production Number Production Run Scale Road #s Bureau Livery
May 2014 ZY13-01 3rd HO (1:87) 2005 Beijing Blue & White
" " ZY13-02 " " " " 2006 " " " "
" " ZY13-03 " " " " 2007 " " " "
" " ZY13-04 " " " " 2008 " " " "
" " ZY13-05 " " " " 2009 " " " "
" " ZY13-06 " " " " 2010 " " " "
" " ZY13-07 " " " " 2011 " " " "
" " ZY13-08 " " " " 2012 " " " "

Model Review (Single Unit Version only)

My first model in nearly two years (A nice graduation present for me)! This is one of the coolest locomotives in my fleet. A fantastic addition to Chinese locomotive fleets that fits the bill as a mainline or secondary passenger locomotive or in use as an industrial diesel. It represents excellent value for money and with 18 versions eventually coming, there should be enough color schemes and bureau choices to please just about everybody. (note - it would appear that MTC have cut short the amount of versions to be released. The list above will be ammended shortly to suit)

Unfortunately from my three samples, it's been a relatively mixed bag in terms of quality control. My blue sample with the aforementioned paint scratch issue, the green one had a loose number board & fuel tank and the orange (my personal favourite!) arrived with the motor dislodged from its mount with both the motor shafts disconnected and loose. So, if possible, its always best to check these first hand prior to purchase if possible.

MTC have come a long way very quickly from their first offering of a toyish SS3 to a very high quality modelling company. The BJ class has a plastic body with VERY sharp details as well as many separately applied brass parts. Most of these parts are extremely fine and have an excellent compromise between Bachmann's durability and Haidar's delicacy. If anything, I find the front handrails slighty chunky and perhaps the 'Beijing' emblem on the front a bit on the thick side, and being in an area of the locomotive that isn't handled much and most viewed, I feel these could have been done better. Worth noting (the good stuff) are the horn detail, windshield wipers, footsteps, undercarriage details and number boards. While the bogie side frames could probably have been a little sharper, the depth is nice and they've gone to a lot of trouble to apply some wire components underneath which seem to like to fall out whenever they feel like. It is a nice touch, but unless you run your locomotives upside down you probably won't even notice them if they do go astray. There does unfortunately appear to be some quality control issues - asides from the aforementioned, a bent up footstep and a nasty paint scratch over one of the depot code markings.. quite annoying to say the least! Some tiny sand pipes are included to attach to the bogies for those mad enough to attempt it. The doors can be opened by pushing on them, although they are spring loaded with quite a lot of resistance. I'm unsure if they click open and I'm not really game enough to test their limits!

I have not been able to fully test this locomotive due to lack of layout, however I have bench tested it and it is a very strong little critter and very heavy, which should equal excellent performance. It is very smooth and responsive. Initially the motor was buzzy, but after some running in, this has come down to acceptable levels.

I have not tested DCC on this locomotive as of yet, however there is a large area suitable for a speaker so I think it's safe to assume it will be an easy install. To remove the shell, remove the couplers and gently pry away the sides of the body shell away from the frame and lift.

An important note to those who are considering buying a green BJ, specifically ZY12-02; This model has some serious lighting issues! All the other models have a blue colored LED for headlights and interior (a bit too bright and a bit too blue, but nothing too serious) and a red light for the reverser. Unfortunately the individual who installed the lights on the green variant has some serious mental health issues and fitted the headlights with what can only be described as radioactive green LED's for the headlights - and purple (yes, purple) reverser. I would like to hear from anyone who has also discovered this to confirm this is widespread or if I'm the sole recipient of a practical joke. I attempted to take photographs of this but even my camera burst into uncontrollable fits of laughter and was unable to complete the task satisfactorily.

Coupler Conversion
These models are fitted with metal Kadee style knuckle couplers (equivalant to #5's). I will replace these shortly with Kadee scale head 'whisker' couplers (medium shank).

Other Notes
The packaging comprises of a very solid 2 piece box with foam insert and a clear plastic case with sleeve - quite similar to Bachmann's. Instructions are included (in Chinese) and there is a serial number - of what I presume to be a limited edition certificate, in a pretty cool credit card style.

Review Summary

The Good News

The Bad News
A superb prototype! Some slight quality control issues
Nice low flanges Very blue LED headlights
Excellent running qualities Some details on the front are too thick
Paintwork and most details are very well done Paintwork in some areas appears a little heavy
Three color variants so far available! (One more at least to come) Serious light issues with green variant

Model Review (Double Unit Version only)

Review Coming soon!

Model Photos

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