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Bachmann China C80 Gondolas

Prototype Information

The C80's are amongst the most modern gondolas to be used on China's mainlines. These differ from the majority of China Rails other hoppers for having drop-bottoms, incorporating stainless steel construction and designed for high speed. They are used solely for coal transportation and have a load capacity of 80 tonnes.

Model Production Summary

Release Date Production Number Production Run Scale Road #s Bureau/Owner
Early 2007 CF00501 1st HO (1:87) 4374728 Taiyuan
" " CF00502 " " " " 4374729 " "
" " CF00503 " " " " 4374730 " "
" " CF00504 " " " " 4374731 " "
" " CF00505 " " " " 4374732 " "
" " CF00506 " " " " 4371601 Beijing
" " CF00507 " " " " 4371602 " "
" " CF00508 " " " " 4371603 " "
" " CF00509 " " " " 4371604 " "
" " CF00510 " " " " 4371605 " "

Model Review

The C80's are one of the most modern Chinese freight car models available. They don't appear to have been particularly successful for Bachmann China, being easy to acquire years after release.

The models do good justice to the real models in general appearance. The major disappointment to the car is the thickness of the car walls, similar to the C64 gondola's but being a smaller car and a lighter color, is much more noticeable. The severity of this can be toned down by adding real coal on top of the (removable) plastic coal 'load' and spreading it more to the sides. Those who run these cars with no load will probably also be disppointed in the interior itself, where the angled base of the car's ends are not angled at all, but rather a step. The paint is applied very nicely and the metallic stainless-steel body has a nice 'grain' to it and the lettering is razor sharp, typical of Bachmann China products. Interestingly, this is the first Chinese model to have any form of high visibility features for crew safety. The steps, grab irons and hydraulic/braking gear are very nicely made. These also feature airhoses, which has been lacking on Chinese freight cars until now.

The cars have a nice weight and roll very freely. The deep wheel flanges don't like Peco code 83 turnouts, but I think we're all getting pretty used to these shenanigans. Bogies are mounted to the chassis via plastic clips, like many of Bachmann China's freight cars.

Coupler Conversion
Bachmann EZ mates can be replaced with Kadee #5/58/158 (medium) or #56/156 (long).

Other Notes
A freight car model perfect for current-era Chinese model railways.

Review Summary

The Good News

The Bad News
Another true Chinese freight car Deep wheel flanges
10 road numbers to choose from Car side walls are very thick
A lot of thought to the smaller details Not much thought put into the car interior

Model Photos

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